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British E. DA: L. Genetic endowment, apparently nearly uniform for the species, which interprets part of the environment as linguistic experience, a nontrivial task that the infant carries out reflexively, and which determines the general course of the development of the language faculty. Among the genetic elements, some may impose computational limitations that disappear in a regular way through genetically timed maturation.

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Experience, which leads to variation, within a fairly narrow range, as in the case of other subsystems of the human capacity and the organism generally. Principles not specific to the faculty of language.

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Biberauer ed. The Minimalist Program. Syntax and Morphology, Oxford, Blackwell.

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The definiteness feature at the syntax-semantics interface, în vol. Perspectives on a Key Notion in Linguistics, ed.

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Oxford, Oxford University Press,p. Song ed. Boeckx ed.

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Cinque, R. Kayne eds. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 64— Biberauer, A. Holmberg, I. Roberts, M. Sheehan, Parametric Variation.

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Null Subjects in Minimalist Theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Galves, S. Cyrino, R. Lopes, F. Sandalo, and J. Law,On parametric and non-parametric variation, în Biolinguistics, 3, 4, A Note on Default Values of Parameters. Biolinguistics I, Do parameters have default values?

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Tokyo: Hituzi Syobo. Related Papers.

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