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Etymology[ edit ] The noun exonumia is derived from two classical roots: exo, meaning "out-of" in Greekand nummusmeaning "coin" in Latin from Greek νοῦμμος — noummos, "coin" ; thus, "out[side]-of-[the category]coins". Usually, the term "exonumia" is applied to these objects in the United Stateswhile the equivalent British term is paranumismatica.

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The words exonumist and exonumia were coined in July by Russell Rulaua recognized authority and author on the subject, and accepted by Webster's dictionary in Forms of exonumia: tokens and medals[ edit ] Many exonumia items were used as currency in the United States when actual money was not easily available in the economy.

A notable exception to this definition are medals, which were generally not used as currency or exchange. See the "for clarification" section below for distinctions between various branches of exonumia. Tokens were used both to advertise and to facilitate commerce.


Token authority Russell Rulau offers a broad definition for exonumia, and lines between categories can be fuzzy. For example, an advertising token may also be considered a medal.

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Good For tokens may also advertise. Counter-stamped coins have been called "little billboards.

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This could almost mean anything coin-like. One definition of Para-numismatica is anything coin-like but not a coin.

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In America this is not the accepted usage. While he included many items, some types of exonumia were not included just so the book would not get any bigger.

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The following groupings of categories are continually expanding. One way of parsing tokens is jetoane din lumea comerțului these three general categories: Has a "value," facilitating commerce, such as Good for something.

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Commemoration, remembrance, dedication, or the like, for some person, place, idea or event. Of a personal nature. Historically, the need for tokens grew out of the need for currency.

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In America, some tokens legally circulated alongside or instead of currency up until recently. Afterwards, value based items, such as Good for amount of moneyGood for One Quart of Milk, Good for One Beer, Good for One Ride… and others were specifically linked to commerce of the store or place of issue. For clarity, exonumia are actual numismatic items other than government coins or paper money which can be studied or collected.

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Exonumia that is studied and collected[ edit ] The following categories are typical.